multiple core programming









This site is dedicated to multi-core programming and image processing.

I have created this site to share some piece of code I have developped In particularly a framework to multiple core programming called Mucore. If you are interested go to mucore section. The code is given in open source so you can do what you want with it. If you improve it please give a feed-back. If you find it useful or if you integrate mucore in commercial product please donate.

A second piece of code is Fastimage : a grey image library (coded on float) ultra optimized for traitement like convolution an other (filters). An implementation of the SIFT (Scaled Invariant Feature Transform) has been done. The library is free (in compiled version). If someone is interested in the source code it is selled at small price (contact me). In this library every thing have been designed for speed : use of extensive SSE programming and multicore programming. See Fastimage section.

If you have developped some code which can interest community (concerning multiple core programming) I could put it on the web, so you can ask me.